"The priority of our company is quality work and the satisfaction of our partners."

We perform:                                                                               

monolithic reinforced concrete structures

  • masonry work                                                                   
  • formwork (DOKA, PERI, ULMA)                                 
  • construction of engineering structures                                          
  • construction of multifunctional buildings
  • construction of bridges and tunnels

We provide:

  • Complete implementation of large development projects abroad
  • supply of quality workers for carpentry and formwork work for monolithic buildings abroad
  • stable work abroad for individuals and groups
  • we operate in Germany and Belgium

The company MASTER MONT, s.r.o. has been providing its services for a long time in the Slovak market, but mainly in the foreign market (Belgium, Germany). During this period, she acquired the necessary experience and knowledge in the construction field. Our company specializes in the construction of monolithic buildings of all kinds for our business partners abroad.

Our team consists of:

  • site manager
  • project managersi
  • masters
  • construction partners
  • cranes​
  • carpenters - employees (25-30) and self-employed (30-40)

We offer:

  • stable long-term work in Slovakia and abroad (Germany, Belgium)

    If you are looking for qualified workers for the implementation of your development project, do not hesitate to contact us, we cooperate with leading companies in Slovakia and abroad, we implement the construction of large development projects.

You can find a general overview of the services provided in the SERVICES.